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Section under development

DSC01465 -s
DSC01464 -s

South winder steam manifold and incoming main

South winder inlet-valve chamber

DSC01605 -s

South winder inlet-valve dashpot and piston

DSC01476 -s
DSC01475 -s

South winder inlet-valve chamber cover

South winder inlet-valve chamber and steam manifold

DSC01469 -s
DSC01474 -s

South winder inlet valve-chamber and valve  insert

Guide bar and seats on South winder inlet valve insert

DSC01104 -s

South winder inlet valve insert seen from cylinder admission slot

DSC01510 -m
DSC00255b -s

South winder inlet valves and dash-pots

South winder inlet valve and dashpot springs & pistons


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