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This section looks at the shaft tops.  There is nothing to be seen now at the North pit, but parts of the shaft rim can still be seen at the South pit.

No pictures of the early shaft-tops at Pleasley Colliery have been found but Teversal  was another Stanton Ironworks colliery and a similar scene to this would probably have existed at the North pit at Pleasley at that time.

Teversall Shaft-top  1989?]

Teversal colliery downcast shaft-top circa 1914

Sth pit top 1979 -m

Full-side South pit top, Pleasley 1979

Close to the shaft doors can be seen a simple safety catch designed to prevent the inadvertent movement of mine-cars back towards the shaft. It consisted of two steel arms which pivoted so as to allow them to swing away from the shaft only. They were pushed aside by the off-loading mine-car and then pulled back into position by springs.  

At the side of the track, just beyond the catch was a pneumatic interlock valve with a projecting flexible arm. This was activated by the unloading mine-car and locked the decking operations until the mine-car was clear of the doors.


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