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This section looks at the pipework which is still in-situ. 

The main steam and exhaust pipework was installed in 1922 as part of the South pit upgrade and this still remains inside the engine-house basement.  One unusual feature of the pipework is that it was manufactured by a long established (rival) firm called Oakes, based in Alfreton.  Why this was done is unknown.  (Oakes cast more than 55,000 iron rails for the Mansfield & Pinxton Railway which opened in 1819).

DSC00530c -s
DSC01371 -s

Section of exhaust main bearing Oakes’ identification

One of only three known sections of pipework carrying the Stanton name.

Outside, unfortunately, there is very little left except along the foot of the end wall of the South engine-house where there are the remains of the pipework which provided exhaust steam for the turbines.  The valve which maintained the pressure in the exhaust system is still in place although in need of renovation.

Two exhaust stacks are still in place, one of which was added after the steam turbines were discontinued. Sections of these stacks are believed to have been used on the pre-1922 engines.

Enginne-house basement.pipe-work

Engine-house basement pipe-work


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