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The Waddle fan was an open type of centrifugal fan with the casing an integral part of the fan. The casing narrowed towards the periphery and the vanes were curved back from the direction of rotation. They did not require a housing around them and discharged the air all around their periphery. 

The air was led into the fan by a curved throat and the back plate also curved in towards the inlet. On smaller diameter fans this allowed the bearing to be located almost centrally within the fan, removing the need for a bearing in the fan drift and enabling vibration free running.

Waddle fans were very effective, although the early, large diameter ones, were susceptible to wind turbulence. As their design was improved over the years, however, their output increased and their size reduced.

24 ft dia Waddle fan 1907 -s02

24ft Waddle fan at Brodsworth Main colliery circa 1923.     This fan was capable of giving 500,000 cu.ft/min at 41/2 in WG when running at 160 rpm.


Early Waddle fan at Brinsley Colliery - the 40 ft diameter fan can be seen behind the building in the foreground

500 HP B&M fan engine -s02

500 hp high-speed Belliss and Morcom twin-compound fan engine - Brodsworth Main colliery. 

waddle fan -m

25ft Waddle fan - location unknown

waddle large -s
waddle -small -s

25ft Waddle fan seen from the back. Driven by a compound engine. 

6ft Waddle fan and vertical engine.  50,000 cubic ft / min at 2in WG


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