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No details of the early 48 psi steam pipework are known, although there is an opening in the east wall of the North engine-house which looks to be part of the original structure and may have taken a steam pipe from the East boilers. 


Old pipe inlet - North engine-house

Before 1904 both of the engines were located in the southern half of the engine-house complex,  all of which was completely rebuilt in 1922,  removing any trace of the original pipe inlets

Most of the current steam pipe-work dates from 1922 when the  Markham winder was installed.  Much of it was cast by a company called Oakes, who had recently been taken over by Stanton Ironworks.

Incoming steam mains and outgoing dump-line in E wing.

Incoming steam mains and dump-line discharge  - east wing of  engine-house basement


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