26 March:   2nd Annual Report

“Directors report that the depression of the previous year had continued with a severity unparalleled in the history of the trade.”

“The unprecedented depression in the coal trade has interfered with the working of the collieries alto? the quantity of coal raised during the year has been lower than the previous year, and the cost of getting the coal less than at any previous period.

The working at the Teversal Pit shows a profit which the preliminary expenses of opening the headings in the Pleasley Pit, together with the amount provided for bad and doubtful debts, have absorbed.

The exceptional expenses have now ceased and the Pit is in a position to raise coal at a cost which, in ordinary times of trade, will render a due proportion of profit.”

The Silver Hill shafts, 15ft diameter, depth 430yd, sunk at comparatively small outlay and without accidents and have proved two valuable seams of House Coal - Blackshale and Low Main - both especially adapted for the London market and will place the Company in a position to meet household as well as manufacturing requirements.”

“The Midland Railway Co. have commenced to carry forward the Pleasley line of railway which will materially aid the transit of coal from the Pleasley Pit.”

20th December.

Mr. Clark reported ...? Inspector with himself and Mr. Hay made an exhaustive inspection of Teversal and Pleasley collieries and had reported favourably on their general condition.