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The first boiler feed-pumps to be used were Cameron pumps  which supplied the exhaust injectors when the winders were running and the boilers themselves directly whenever the winders were stopped.  They had twin 8in diameter rams with a 10in stroke.

Their location is unknown, but they would have been positioned at boiler level, several feet below the feed water reservoirs.

Cameron twin a -s02

Cameron pump circa 1875 (JST)

By 1923 the feed-pumps had been replaced by  “weir” types made by Clarke and Chapman. These were located in a large chamber at the rear of the boilers below the South pit-top.  Similar pumps were installed at the Stanton Ironwork’s Bilsthorpe colliery in 1925.

Bilsthorpe Weir pumps -s

Clark and Chapman weir pump Bilsthorpe colliery   circa 1950  (JST)

see the Weir pump internals


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