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The Huwood Loader was a simple but effect machine for moving the broken coal onto the face conveyor. At the front were 6 flights which moved with an horizontal rotary motion, pushing the coal sideways towards the conveyor. It was hauled along the face by two winches at the rear of the machine which wound in haulage ropes previously laid along the face, one at the back of the cut, the other at the front.

Huwood loader -m

Front of the loader showing the flights (JST)

Huwood loader rear -m

Back of  the loader showing the simple controls  (JST)

Huwood loader front -m

Loading the broken coal onto a bottom belt behind the props  (JST)

Huwood loader track -m

Props and bars set behind the loader   (JST)

Huwood loader flitting -m

Flitting the loader in an 18 inch seam (JST)


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