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The economy of steam boilers can be significantly improved by pre-heating the feed water. The early boilers were fed with heated water by means of exhaust injectors but these could only be used when the engines were producing exhaust steam and at other times the feed was provided by a pump and was cold.

It was realised that, provided the temperature was not reduced below that necessary to generate the chimney draft, heat which otherwise would be wasted could be extracted from the hot flue gases and by the early 1900s, multi-tube economiser which sat in the main flue -way to the chimney were being manufactured.  These do not seem to have been deployed at Pleasley, however.

When the turbines were introduced they consumed most of the exhaust and an alternative method of pre-heating the water was needed.  This took the form of an old 28ft by 7ft Lancashire boiler which was modified to take the excess steam above that required for the turbines. Exactly how this was achieved is unclear, possibly a similar arrangement to an accumulator was used.  The economiser is believed to have been located at the RH end of the north-east boiler-house.


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