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There were a number of  cross-measure drifts in operation at Pleasley, the majority being in the North pit between the Top Hard, the Dunsil and the two Waterloo seams.  In the Deep Hard, there were only two drifts of any size, linking the Piper about 30 ft. below near the pit bottom.

Main drift

With the deepening of the South shaft and the opening of the Deep Hard seam, it was necessary to construct a cross-measures drift from the Top Hard seam down to the Deep Hard in order to provide ventilation and a second means of egress.

The drift had an inclination of about 1 in 4 down to the 2nd Waterloo seam and 1 in 2 from there to the Deep Hard. It had a length of about 600yd and at the time of construction was approximately 9ft high by 7ft wide. The top was located near to the downcast shaft and the bottom about 200yds to the NW of upcast shaft.

When the North shaft was deepened to the 2nd Waterloo seam in the 1940s  an inset was constructed in the main drift to allow materials to be moved between the new pit-bottom and the Dunsil workings via the drift.  A large safety barrier was installed to prevent vehicle access to the lower section of the drift but this could be removed to enable passage of the man-riding train down to the Deep Hard.

Dunsil drifts

A stone drift was constructed from the Top Hard down to the  Dunsil seam in the ?1930s?

1st Waterloo drifts

A 1 in 6 stone drift about 250 yd long was constructed from the Top Hard down to the  1st Waterloo seam in the  ?1940s?  Further drifts were constructed between these seams in the late 1950s /  early 1960s.

2nd Waterloo drifts

Drifts were constructed between  the Dunsil  and the 2nd Waterloo seam and  between  the 1st  and 2nd Waterloo seamins the  1950s upgrade.

Deep Soft drift

A  drift between the Deep Hard and Deep Soft seams was constructed  in the main return gate on A side (NW) in the early 1950s   This drift  had a large cross-section and was inclined at 45o.  A short exploratory heading was driven but no other workings were made in the Deep Soft at Pleasley.

Piper drifts

Two drifts between the Deep Hard and Piper seams were constructed on B-side (SE) of  the shaft for 400’s loader gate and tail gate.  These were at an inclination of about 30o, descended about 10 yds  and used 18ft rings.  Several very short drifts were required when the two seams came within a few feet of each other and the Deep Hard was re-entered in the 1970s. At about this time a third drift was constructed near the pit bottom in order to provide a safe by-pass to the booster fans which had been installed at the top of 400s tail gate drift

Deep Hard sump drift

A small and very steep drift (about 1 in 11/2) ran from the stable road on the NW side of the South shaft down to the shaft sump. It allowed access to the sump-pumps for the operator and maintenance personnel.


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