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The Capell fan was a small diameter, fast running fan, developed about 1860 by the Rev. Capell. The fan consisted of two concentric cylindrical chambers. Each chamber was fitted with blades which were curved with the convex face of the blades facing the direction of rotation. The casing between the two sets of blades contained openings which allowed the air to pass from the inner to the outer chamber. This casing had a projecting rim which fitted closely into the  brickwork mouth above the fan pit and the blades of the inner chamber were extended outwards to form scoops.  The fans usually had double inlets with a central steel diaphragm separating the two sides.

Capel fan -s

Capell fan design circa 1910 


Remains of a 1906 style Capell fan at Silksworth Colliery

Capell fan

  Capell fan advert showing later style inlet scoops

P5061368b -m

  Capell fan showing later style inlet scoops (Woodhorn colliery)


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