Jan - June

p22: advert showing WM Ironworks

p27:  Cllry elect bell 3 10s 0d,   incl batery & button  6 10s 0d, insulated wire 9d/yd

p45: illustration of coal cutters (blade)

p57 dial indicator (& register)

p60, 61:  electro magnetic engine  - descrptn & illustrn

p67-68: Coal Commision Report article

p81:  ilusstrn of sinking pump and winder

p93: display of G&C coal cutter at Whitebank Clry, Chesterfield - cut 70hyds in 1hr 17m,  3’4” deep, 3” thick. (Later 60min)

p99 Illustrn of elect signals  J. Bailey &Co

p100: good illustrn of “special” pump

p123: Coal Commission Report continued

p139:  Mineral Statistics for UK in 1870

p168-169  Walker detaching hook

p197-206 Coal Mines Regltn Bill 1872  (Feb 28th)

p281: reference to Huntriss & Co.’s gas propellors for lightinh pit bottoms with gas.

         reference to new colliery at Williamthorpe - depth 446yd, B-S seam



p296: advert for lease of Newstead Abbey Estate - 2800 acres (advert had gone by end of April)

p307:  mention of SI company

p335:  Notts coal field

p342-345  1871 boiler explosions incl. illustrns

p345:  inquest into death of 11 yr old boy at Cinderhill Col.

p392: mention of SI having coal pits near Mansfield

p415: article on Notts coal filed

p442: Inventor of link motion - Wm. Howe of Clay Cross

p453: advert for “Electricity for ailments”

p529: note on American iron “famine”

p589: Martin’s improved piston

p617: note of lease of Newstead Top Hard to Stavely C & I Co Ltd & Sheepbridge C & I Co Ltd - approx 5000 acres, 400 yds deep, 5ft thick

p630: fusible plug illustrn & water gauge

July - Dec

p103  Steam Trap

p229 SI Co. have 5 furnaces in blast

p371: SI Co. new furnaces at Mountain Ash, Ilkeston

         Boring for coal at Annesly, Newstead, Sutton in Ashfield, Hucknall Torkard & Beeston

        “Henry Smedly and Anthony Piccawer, miners at Sutton were charged with ascending a coal pit at Teversal belonging to Sir George Crompton ant others on 13th September contrary to the rules. At wotk for 2 hours and held signalman who would not give signal. Others gave signals.”

p395  Cook’s ventilator illustration

p439: illustrn of donkey pumps

p496: illustrn of large “Special” pump

p575: mention that branch lines are to be made between Teversal & Pleasley (Nov 22.)

p576: mention of Meadow Foundry in Mansfield

p684-685: X section of E Notts coalfield.  NB Clifton Col.  8 seams to DH, 2 above TH


NB Sir Robert Clifton --- Clifton Col.

also Gresham’s v Gifford injector