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  • No change to date.


  • The installation of the 3 phase mains electrical supply has been completed. Discussions are taking place to determine how to undertake the migration of the old electrical installation onto the new supply.
  • A number of weather-proof fluorescent lighting fittings have been acquired and these are being overhauled ready for installation in the South pit-top and engine-house basements.

Pit tops:

  • At the South pit-top, considerable progress is being made on tidying up on the full-side.
  • On the empty side, a display of various tools etc has been constructed.
  • The renovation of the shaft air-doors and their framework continues.
  • The mine-car loading ram and catch restoration is making good progress.
  • The motor from the empty-side turntable has been removed for overhaul.
  • The flooring into the empty side has been made up to improve accessability.


  • In the South engine-house work continues steadily on the Markham engine and on the drum in preparation for its shot-blasting and painting.
  • The Robey brake pillars have been completely dismantled and cleaning / painting proceeds steadily.  The two brake units on the shaft side of the drum are now in the process of being re-erected.
  • One hydraulic brake release ram has been dismantled and found to be in excellent condition.


  • Several charging racks plus a large number of cap-lamps have been placed in the East wing of the South engine-house.


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