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  • The derelict land to the south of the pit-tops, where the east railway-sidings, the baths, cooling ponds, workshops and the main offices once stood, has been cleared and landscaped.
  • A new access road with gated entrances has been constructed and car-parking provision provided. Hedgerows and a number of young trees have been planted.
  • The pit-tops have been tidied and much needed revenue created by the scrapping of old steelwork.


  • A preparatory survey and report on the electrical installation has been produced and planning is in progress for the installation of a 3 phase mains electrical supply.
  • The long awaited mains water supply has finally arrived in the “mess-cabin”.  At first a trickle and then - well certainly not a torrent, but acceptable.

Pit tops:

  • At the South pit-top, the shaft block-work has been completed and back filled.
  • Considerable progress has been made with the renovation of the full-side shaft-doors.
  • Work is in progress on the mine-car loading rams and catches.


  • In the South engine-house work continues steadily on the Markham engine and on the drum in preparation for its shot-blasting and painting.
  • The reversing cross-shaft has been withdrawn from under the RH cross-head guide and this has enabled the dismantling of the rear Robey brake pillars to proceed.


  • Metal racking has been installed in the South engine-house to hold dismantled components which previously were on the floor.
  • Safety fencing has been erected around the North winder to restrict public access.


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