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Huwood loader -m

Huwood ML-1 longwall face power loader -  front view circa  1946 (JST)

The Huwood ML-l power loader was 6 ft. 4 in. long, 1 ft. 10 in. high and had an overall width of 2 ft. 10 in. It was driven by a high starting torque, 10-h.p. flameproof motor which drove both the loading flights and the haulage drums.

There were two haulage drums, one of which hauled in the wire rope previously laid by a coalcutter at the back of the kerf and the other which handled a second wire rope laid along the gob side of the broken coal. The extremities of both ropes were attached to derrick props set at the other end of the face.  

Both haulage drums were fitted with plate clutches so that the operator could adjust the position of the power loader at will, and it was found advantageous to have the gob-side end of the machine about one foot in advance of the other end during loading. A choice of two speeds was available - a loading speed of 2 ft. per min. and a flitting speed of 12 ft. per min.

The loading flights were six in number and were 4 in. deep, the four inner ones being forked and the outer ones snub nosed. Each flight was caused to rotate along a circular orbit parallel to its neighbours, and the combined action of the six flights gently pushed the prepared coal from the face and on to a face conveyor. Power was transmitted to the flights from the motor through a crown wheel, twin driving discs and a connecting rod, and for disengaging the flight drive a dog clutch was provided. In their retracted position the flights protruded 5 in. beyond the body of the machine, and when fully extended reached a further 11 in. forward.


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