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Welcome to the  Pleasley Colliery Website

It’s been a long hard struggle trying to get the Website back on stream.  A lot of technical difficulties have had to be overcome and a fair number of serious medical problems have occurred along the way. A major issue still exists with the development software’s ability to cope with the ever increasing size of the site.

 A decision has been made to split the original site into separate stand-alone  sub-sites, each one covering the same topics as those at the first  level of the old site.  In order to maintain continuity with the links  to the old  site that are now embedded throughout  the web,  the original  home page has been retained but now acts as a gateway to the new sub-sites.

CoVid 19 re-opening info

   Further information regarding the Pit can be found  on  the Pleasley Pit  Trust website:  www.pleasleypittrust.org.uk

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